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Scenocosme to Numusic

Image of artist
Image of artist

Numusic is proud to present Scenocosme.

France based artists Gregory Lasserre and Anais met den Ancxt work together as a duo under the name Scenocosme.

They develop the concept of interactivity in their artworks by using multiple kind of expression: art, technology, sounds and architecture.
Mixing art and digital technology in order to find substances of dreams, poetries, sensitivities and delicacies they also explore invisible relationships with our environment that can feel energetic variations of living beings. Scenocosme design interactive artworks, and choreographic collective performances, where spectators share extraordinary sensory experiences.

"Akousmaflore" is an interactive installation, a small garden composed of living musical plants, which react to human gestures and to gentle contact. "Lights Contacts" is an interactive artwork perceptible by two people or more. This sensory installation proposes an original and interactive staging among spectators’ bodies transforming into real sonorous human instruments.

These two installations will be on display under Numusic 2012 at Tou Scene, Stavanger from the 27th to the 29th.