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Egyptian Lover (US)

Image of artist

Greg Broussard, better known as Egyptian Lover, helped pioneer a whole new style of hip-hop when he emerged in the early '80s. Fusing electro with hard-hitting beats and peppering it with his unique sense of humor, Egyptian Lover ignited breaking all over the dance floor. A favorite of B-Boys and B-Girls alike, Egyptian Lover's music was often the soundtrack at break dancing battles.

A true originator, he started when hearing Kraftwerk's song Numbers and Planet Rock by Afrika Bambaataa. He then bought a Roland TR 808 Drum Machine and started programming it like a mad man. He was compiling electro mixes - Kraftwerk, Prince, Rick James, Zapp – including his own instrumental beats created on the Roland 808 drum machine. The club-ready cassette tape mixes were selling in the thousands. 


His 1983 debut, On the Nile, provided the single "Egypt, Egypt," (Similar to excellent tracks being produced all over America -- from Detroit (Cybotron) to New York (Mantronix)) which helped him reach moderate success. His 12” singles sold in the hundreds of thousands around the world – “Egypt/Egypt”, “Dial-A-Freak”, “Girls”, “Freak-A-Holic”. But it wasn't until he toured with M.I.A. in 2008 that he really started getting the attention he deserved.

Since 1984, Egyptian Lover has remained true to his sound by recording on analog equipment, which creates his signature sound. Egyptian Lover’s influence cannot be overstated – not only did he change the face of West Coast hip hop, but also greatly influenced electronic, techno, r&b and pop music to this day. Egyptian Lover is the pinnacle of freestyle, bass and techno coming together.


Friday 5th Sept.,
Scene 1 - Tou Scene