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Ekstraliv (NO)

Image of artist
Image of artist
Inge W. Breistein is one of the region's most versatile and creative musicians. He’s a Saxophonist/electronic musician from Bergen, Norway, playing in bands such as Cirrus, Egg3 and Healing Force. He just premiered new work for MaiJazz with the cryptic name Ekstraliv. The work is electronic based music interacting with acoustic instrumentation composed by Inge W. Breistein. The music will have an electronic-experimental expression where sound will be explored with a focus on the percussive and airy. The aesthetics of soundscape refers to genres such as House, Electronica, Hip Hop, Broken Beats, Glitch and improv.   The material is built up around beats with distinct rhythmic drive and focus on rhythmic patterns that move between regular and irregular. The material will contain strong melodies, chord progressions and riffs interacting with an exciting, exploratory and complex soundscape. Inge W. Breistein is saxophonist and graduate with the Master in jazz and improvised music from UIS. This will affect and put a mark on the overall expression and the project's red line in terms of instrument composition, musical methodology and aesthetic choices.


Friday 5th Sept.,
Scene 1 - Tou Scene