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Gamut Inc (DE)

Image of artist
Image of artist

"gamut inc" is a duo consisting of Marion Wörle and composer Maciej Sledziecki, who perform on custom-made computerdriven mechanical music-machines.

Together with instrument builder Gerhard Kern they have constructed music machines, modelled after early music instruments, but fully automated and controlled from computers.

The BowJo is combining three coursed monochords, driven by magnetic fields produced by e-bows. The position of the ebows can be manipulated along the string, as well as the distance can be adjusted. The Automated Physharmonica has 48 automated notes, stops that are continuously adjustable from silence to full tone, and valves for treble- and basscontrol. The computerdriven Carillon C3 has 16 solenoid-driven coursed metal bars, derived from grandfather-clocks, that can be replaced to allow different tunings. 



The musical focus lies in sonic textures, on the edge between noisy drones and harmonic patterns. So far, Gamut have played in different festivals in Germany and Poland, and also received commissions for new compositions by Reihe M, Konzert des Deutschen Musikrates and Acht Brücken Festival. Their debut album will be released autumn 2014. It is dedicated to ancient sound pioneers like the jesuit Athansius Kircher, using his composition techniques to create contemporary music.  Gamut inc is based in Berlin.

"All pieces sought to dust off ancient inventions, but the music didn´t feel anachronistic - instead, it reached for new effects, as if trying to cheat the passing of time." (Wire Magazine)

"Wörle and Sledziecki blurred the borders of acoustic and electronic music very nicely". (Taz)