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Skatebård Trio (NO)

Image of artist
Image of artist

Skatebård, aka Bård Aasen Lødemel, is a Norwegian producer of all things electronic. Connoisseurs know that his catalogue oscillates between emotional techno, neo-italo, electro from an alternative future and a Scando-cosmic reinterpretation of pure Detroitian house. Skatebård releases on labels like his own labels Digitalo Enterprises and Pleasure Unit, as well as Kompakt, Radius Records, Supersoul Recordings, Tellè Records, Keys of Life Finland, Luna Flicks, Totally and Sex Tags Mania.


His ability to create seamlessly crafted, expertly executed tracks, edits and remixes marks him out as a truly special Norwegian talent, and he is also well known for being a part of the hip-hop act Side Brok.

He’ll be dropping a steady string of 12" releases this late summer and fall, and his entire back-catalog will be available on Spotify.


Friday 5th Sept.,
Scene 1 - Tou Scene