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Stockhaus (NO)

Image of artist
Image of artist
Stockhaus is a Bergen-based artist known to some as just that, while others recognize him as the singer/guitarist in the rockband Ungdomskulen.
So far this year Stockhaus have released 2 singles "Our Year" and the lovable duet he made with Vilde Tuv called Svømmebasseng.

But that was months ago...
At this very moment Stockhaus is finishing a full-length album that taps inspiration from house and techno, new wave drama and urban explorations.
At Numusic we will see and hear him alone on stage.
Just him, the tracks and his mic, singing and dancing, like there was no or very little tomorrow.

Raw house, techno with chords(maximal), a little bit of punk and lot of energy, that´s where it´s at.


Saturday 6th Sept.,
Scene 2 - Tou Scene