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Todd Terje (NO)

Image of artist
Image of artist

Todd Terje is the top name in Norwegian electronica. He is part of the so-called Oslo-disco scene, together with comrades like Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas. He’s been a popular and influential DJ and live artist for years, but mainstream attention came with the EP It’s The Arps and its lead single Inspector Norse in 2012. The megahit was declined by national radio station P3, saying it sounded like "background music at a beach bar." Terje agreed with it. "It sounds like elevator music. Good, danceable elevator music." Elevate your body! In Terje's world, there is no distinction made between beating and joining—it's all join, join, join.

Todd Terje released his proper debut album in April, and as we expected it to be, it’s one of the best dance releases this year.

The album is appropriately titled It’s Album Time and will mark the ten year anniversary of Terje Olsen using the name Todd Terje, which he first used for the 12” Eurodance in 2004.


Living legend Bryan Ferry provides guest vocals on Terje’s interpretation of Robert Palmer’s song Johnny and Mary. Given the wry grin of that title and Bendik Kaltenborn's outrageous cover art, it's only fitting that It's Album Time is a saucy trip through all of the influences that Terje has nodded to over his career. Across its 60 minutes, there are loose-hipped lounge tracks, funky jazz noodlings, Italo epics and humid piano house stormers. All of this is stitched into such a heady trip of sonic extravagance it's sometimes hard to stop and draw a breath.

He has previously remixed the likes of Chic, Hot Chip, Franz Ferdinand and under his alter ego Tango Terje, he has also made countless edits of classic tracks. Todd Terje has played everything from small, crowded clubs to being a big attraction at festivals abroad. He just headlined the main stage in Tøyenparken at Øya festivalen, and it was as promised a spectacular finale.

Get ready for Terje to cast his summer enchantments over us even though it’s early September.


Thursday 4th Sept.,