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Tonik (IS)

Image of artist
Image of artist

Tonik is an electronic trio led by Anton Kaldal Ágústsson, one of the subtlest synthetic sound creators in the Nordic scene today. The live output is an evolving mix of live electronics and organic instruments. Blurring the gap between sound and sight, colour has a strong influence on the end result, exploring the various ends of the electronic spectrum while maintaining a strong signature sound: rich and stripped bare, minimalist and intricate, finely crafted and yet very instinctive.

  His compositions and remixes float in a territory somewhere between deep house and pop influenced post dubstep (think Mount Kimbie and James Blake) with the dance friendly slower bpm’s paying particular attention to detailed elements and arrangement. The richness and elegance of his approach is perfectly embodied by EPs "Snapshot One", "Snapshot Two" and "Snapshot Three", his latest published material, serving as a prelude to a new full length album, released in 2014


Saturday 6th Sept.,
Scene 2 - Tou Scene